Surface Physics Demo Part 3

19 Feb 2009 23:52
Last Modified
13 Jan 2013 18:13

In Part 1 and Part 2 I focussed on 2D features. This makes a lot of sense for Surface applications, as fundamentally items move in two dimensions, however there are particular scenarios that lend themselves to 3D, one of which I'll describe later in this post.

Video 1. Surface physics demo.

The video is divided into the following sections:


In some cases it is desirable to arrange the items into preset patterns, for example as part of an "Attract Mode" application, or when interacting with physical objects placed on the Surface. This screen defines some basic patterns and "locks" the items to the nearest position in the pattern from their original location. Selecting an item releases the "lock".

3D Rolling Spheres

Spheres lend themselves to an intuitive motion on a 2D-plane, such as when playing marbles, pool etc. When a texture is added to the sphere, it is important to ensure that the sphere "rolls" correctly when moved. Several examples of textures are shown in the video.

Here are some further screenshots.


Figure 1. Marbles


Figure 2. Pool balls

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