A Matter of Controls Part 3

20 Dec 2010 00:29
Last Modified
13 Jan 2013 17:37

In Part 1 and Part 2 I showed some screenshots of a radial dial for controlling settings. I've made the following changes:

  1. Enabled the control for multi-touch. All buttons now support multi-touch input (per item and per category), and the dial can be "rotated" using multiple contacts.
  2. Changed the dial to rotate the scale and keep the pointer fixed, rather than vice-versa to provide better feedback with multi-touch rotation.
  3. Added inerita for rotation.
  4. Moved the category title back to the centre.
  5. Changed the button action to execute on click (manipulator-up) rather than on a manipulator-down event, with highlighting to provide better visual feedback when touching a button.
  6. Added support for enumrations, in addition to boolean and numeric buttons.
Float dial

Figure 1. Radial control for numeric settings

Bool dial

Figure 2. Radial control for boolean settings

Using a single hue for each of the regular, disabled, and highlighted button states gives the impression of a "heads-up-display" (HUD) rather than a mechanical dial. "LED"-style colors and a Gaussian blur add to the effect, as shown below in Figure 3.


Figure 3. LED coloring for HUD


22 May 2012 21:46
will the lovely amber dial return as an option in future versions? I know I'm a sucked for classic terminal amber.
22 May 2012 21:49
that should have been "sucker". It is harder then it looks to type on a screen when it is fully vertical.
24 May 2012 21:56
I hope so :) The app config file can support any combination of colors for these and the other controls. The only additional requirement is a Gaussian blur, which will depend on how many free GPU cycles I end up with.

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