Virtual Universe

6 Feb 2010 22:45
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13 Jan 2013 18:01

I finally decided that I should try to get my head around the XNA Framework. Why, do you ask? Well, I found myself tinkering on another WPF project, requiring a reasonable amount of 3D, spending a considerable amount of time performance tuning the application. I started to wonder "if I spent the time I would otherwise spend performance tuning this app on learning how to implement the same application using XNA, could I end up getting to the same level of performance using XNA in the same overall time?"

So I thought I'd blow the cobwebs off this blog and use it as a journal as I try to find my path into the scary world of Games Programming.

I've had in my mind for some time the desire to learn more about the dynamics of the solar system. Maybe I spent too much time playing Elite. I really struggle with names, so for the time-being until I think of a better one, I'll refer to this project as "Virtual Universe".


Louis Deane
31 Mar 2010 17:30
SOLAR as a name perhaps?

Fantasic work by the way. Love it all
Allen Crider
11 Apr 2012 03:26
This project looks great, but are you ready to take it to the next level?

New-Space Flight Training Association is working on ways to create a Virtual Spaceflight Trainer and virtual universe could be a natural fit. I'm interested in using virtual universe as part of simulated orbital trainer for people who are preparing to do spacewalks around their companies orbital platform. Don't mean to leave a blog, so don't post. just reply if interested.

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