Blog Engine v1.2 Released

5 Jan 2011 23:13
Last Modified
13 Jan 2013 18:17

I've made some improvements to my personal, lightweight blog engine from version 1.0 as follows:

  1. Added <meta name="keywords"> and <meta name="description"> tags to the post detail view and post model to help SEO.
  2. Corrected various HTML formatting issues, and provided new, more flexible CSS styles.
  3. Added a blog index showing posts by category.
  4. Added a simple CAPTCHA for comment submission.
  5. Added a gallery.
  6. Added support for site-pinning with Internet Explorer 9 Beta on Windows 7.

You can download version 1.2 using the following links:

  1. Dr Dave's Blog Engine v1.2 (binaries and ASP.NET pages) (zip'd), 75Kb. Files required to run Dr Dave's Blog Engine.
  2. Dr Dave's Blog Engine v1.2 (source code) (zip'd), 79Kb. Visual Studio 2010 project for Dr Dave's Blog Engine.

To install the blog engine using the binaries, follow these steps:

  1. Un-zip the archive and copy the files to your web site.
  2. Browse to your site and you should see the following:

    front page

    Figure 1. Front page after installation.

  3. Click "Sign In". The default username is "admin" with a password of "password". Click "Edit Account" in the Admin menu and change the password. A combination of upper-case letters, lower-case letters and numbers is recommended, with a length of at least six characters. You can also change the username if required.
  4. Click "Settings" on the Admin menu, and update the blog title, sub-title, and feed-title accordingly. Update the other settings if required.

If you decide to use this engine to run your blog, please keep the "Powered by" link, and I'd be grateful if you could inlcude an acknowledgement.

This project remains under active development as and when bugs are identified, or further features are required and I have the time. Note that I do not have time to support the installation or operation of this blog engine, however I will endeavour to answer questions in comments.


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