28 May 2012 11:22
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13 Jan 2013 17:47

One of the difficulties when judging distances in the solar system, other than that they are very large, is that the solar system is mostly empty space. Orbit lines only give a hint of motion and indicative scale.

I've added some planar grids to the ecliptic to try to help visualise distances at logarithmic scales starting at 1AU, with each grid fading out as the next fades in. Grids can be circular, square, or hexagonal. Circular grids are useful to visualise orbit eccentricity, perihelion and aphelion. Square grids are useful to disambiguate from orbit lines.

Scale grid

Figure 1. Circular scale grid.1

Scale grid

Figure 2. Square scale grid.1

Scale grid

Figure 1. Hexagonal scale grid.1

I've yet to find a compelling use for hexagonal grids, however they appear to be useful for Klingon tactical displays.

Additional screenshots are in the gallery.

1 Background filter generated from image credit Nick Risinger,


Tobias Drewry
30 May 2012 14:28
The hex grid would be a useful thing to keep if the nuiverse engine became available for make games. Specifically, I could imagine creating an Enders Game themed realtime strategy game in which the first war is played out, the one which made Mazer Rackham important.
Pablo Sousa
1 Jun 2012 11:45
Hi David,

I'm Pablo Sousa, from Microsoft Innovation Center - CIIN of Spain, I'm looking for surface applications 2.0 but can not find any, and I want to ask you if it's possible to have the nuiverse app for surface 2.0.

Please, contact with me by e-mail if it's possible.

Best Regards

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