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2 Apr 2013 15:05
Last Modified
2 Apr 2013 22:31

As previously discussed, my manipulation processor now supports WM_TOUCH messages, which means that I can do native multitouch on both Windows 7 and Windows 8. I have therefore updated NUIverse for a Windows-release, as shown below in Figure 1.

NUIverse for Windows

Figure 1. NUIverse for Windows (running windowed).

There are some key differences to the PixelSense-release, as follows:

One of the current issues when running a full-screen desktop app on Windows 8 is that the operating system captures initial touches used for edge-swipes. If touch is maintained after an initial edge-swipe, further edge-swipes are not captured and therefore will add NUIverse controls to the screen. An alternative is to touch the screen and simultaneously edge-swipe, or to use two fingers when edge-swiping.

Several key configuration settings (in NUIverse.exe.config) are worth mentioning. Note that there is no graphical interface for these settings, and that the configuration file needs to be edited by hand (I would recommend saving a copy first):

To install NUIverse for Windows, proceed as folows:

  1. Install the XNA 4.0 runtime.
  2. Download and extract NUIverse for Windows (2.75Mb) to a suitable location.
  3. Low-resolution textures for several planets and moons are included, but extras can be created or downloaded from


Ronny Verminck
13 Jan 2019 13:49
Hi Dave,

Not sure if you are going to read this, but it can't hurt to try.
I own a pixelsense samsung SUR40 table and i am realy intrested in this nice universe application.
So, i have a few questions:
1: What can i use like for the round tags to place on the table. The things that let you show the extra information.
2: How can i get a hold of the extra textures, the website is not reachable anymore.
3: Is this the latest version available here (v0.9 ish ftm)
4: Any other projects for the SUR40 maybe?

Richard Larson
23 Jan 2019 01:52
I'll also comment.... I ran across this hunting around for info on PixelSense / Surface 2.0. It seems that MS killed everything related to the old Surface Tables off. I have a different beast though. Several companies have made other tables. The one I bought was intended for schools and is the Promethean ActivTable. Fantastically well built table with a 46" 1920x1080 screen, multi-touch system by PQ Labs, and runs Windows 7 Embedded (their site shows that some run Windows 8.1). On removing the bottom cover you find a Zotac mini ITX motherboard with an i3 processor, a regular DIMM slot, and a 250GB laptop hard drive. This means that upgrading it (other than the screen itself) is a breeze. There is not a lot out there for multi-touch on larger screens but Snowflake has a nice system and the software that came on the table is also very well done. My interest is in finding more useful multi-touch capable software but another I'm interested in is the ability to rotate a single running program in other directions. Easy enough to rotate the entire screen but that is not what I want. Some of the games that came with the tables educational software can have multiple players interacting at the same time from different sides of the table. The Snowflake software does also give some nice rotational abilities.

I've looking into trying to get the full MS Surface 2.0 stuff working on later versions of Windows (I even have found a full disk WIM image of the Samsung SU40) but it seems that the input systems are totally different and not really compatible. I've kept a backup of the original software for the table I have and have been testing with an SSD Windows 10 as well as Windows 8. Windows 8 is really slick as it was made more for touch devices but with the public outcry much of the Metro interface abilities like the transitions and whatnot are gone in Windows 10.

Anyways I'm going to try this out as well but also have the same question on obtaining higher resolution textures.

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