Kinect Animated GIFs

25 Nov 2013 02:44
Last Modified
25 Nov 2013 06:12

Animated GIFs seem to becoming popular again, and I thought it would be fun to create some using depth data captured from Kinect.

Of course, this could also be done using an ordinary (non-depth) camera. However, using Kinect I can capture data from a single viewpoint (i.e. without moving the camera or the subject), then do "Bullet Time"-style animation by moving a virtual-camera around the recorded data. Occluded pixels in the original data will be missing, however the flexibility of a virtual camera may outweigh this depending on the desired effect. The figures below show simple camera animations.

Kinect Princess Leia

Figure 1. Princess Leia.1

Kinect Wave

Figure 2. Wave.

1Many thanks to Mojo Jones for both creating the costume and playing Princess Leia.