Holographic Display

24 Jan 2013 15:40
Last Modified
15 Mar 2013 23:51

While continuing to explore natural user interaction with 3D data on a 2D display, I also wanted to start a new project to explore interaction with 3D data on a 3D display.

Interaction with a user interface can be in 2 or 3 dimensions. 2D interaction is pervasive with the availability of multitouch-enabled displays, and 3D interaction is becomming more accessible with products such as Microsoft's Kinect for Windows and the Leap Motion controller.

3D displays utilising active shutter glasses have been available as consumer products for some time, though many users remain uncomfortable with wearing 3D glasses. Displays are beginning to emerge for which 3D glasses are not required, such as the Nintendo 3DS. An example of a display used for this project is shown below in Figure 1.

Holographic Display

Figure 1. 3D Display

I've added a couple more images to the gallery.