Kinect Fusion

1 Apr 2013 15:20
Last Modified
9 Apr 2013 15:43

Kinect Fusion was released along with version 1.7 of the Kinect for Windows SDK, and allows reconstruction a 3D surface based on Kinect data from multiple angles. The SDK samples, available in both WPF and Direct2D, support saving the scan as either an .STL or .OBJ file.

The scan itself does not currently include color information, however it is possible to add it by post-processing with additional tools. Figures 1-4 below show editing a Kinect Fusion scan using MeshLab, "an open source, portable, and extensible system for the processing and editing of unstructured 3D triangular meshes", which can be used to re-project multiple 2D color images onto the model.

Fusion Scan Fusion Scan Fusion Scan Fusion Scan

Figures 1-4. Kinect Fusion scan, showing raw output, normal mapping, ambient occlusion, and color re-projection.

Further scans will be posted in the gallery.