Distance traveled by plane

A 747 plane can be thought of as a huge piece of machinery. The plane is made up of many components, including the wings and fuselage, which are the main body parts. It also has engines, windows, and doors. Planes have been developed to be able to take off and land in many different types […]

Guide to flying by plane

Air travel has always been a stressful experience, with delayed flights and long lines for security. With the advent of technology, it has become simpler for passengers to travel by plane. However, travelers still need to know how to fly properly in order to avoid any stress on their trips. This guide will teach you […]

Flight route by plane

Planes are used to travel when we can’t use other modes of transport like cars, trains, and boats. To understand how a plane travels, you need to know the basics of aviation and what is your flight route by plane. This article mainly explains about the Flight Route by Airplane, why it’s important for pilots […]